Don’t Miss These Top Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Published on December 15, 2014

Google Santa Tracker

Consider the holidays a ramp up to Super Bowl season as several big-name companies compete for the most memorable holiday commercials and active holiday marketing campaigns.  Who can forget last year’s KMart Jing Bells commercial or the annual march of Clydesdale horses romping through the snow?  These commercials go down in holiday marketing history, right […]

These Holiday Statistics Might Surprise You [Infographic]

Published on December 11, 2014

Holiday Shopping Statistics Infographic

2014 Holiday Shopping Statistics Overall, commerce is predicted to grow 16.6% this holiday Tweet This 23.7% of this year’s total retail sales will be ecommerce driven in the USTweet This 33% of holiday sales this year will happen on a Mobile deviceTweet This Almost 95% of shoppers are compelled to buy because of a saleTweet […]

Why Now Is The Time To Start An Online Community For Your Business

Published on December 10, 2014

Share Company Party Photos

It’s a party!  Celebrate employees and open up the doors for better two-way communication by establishing a private, online community for your business.  Businesses big and small can benefit from this digital playground. Have you been planning holiday parties for employees, or tentatively scheduling big events you hope to share in the new year?  Where […]

Surviving the Holidays: A metaphoric way to prepare your website for the holidays

Published on December 9, 2014

Holiday Sales

Preparation When it comes to surviving the holidays there is a secret to keeping your cool and coming out ahead. The simple step to keep your holidays happy is preparation. There is no greater feeling than being stress free and enjoying your time with family and friends. This is especially true if you own a […]

Top 3 Things You Should Do To Market Your Business Over The Holidays

Published on December 8, 2014

Holiday Social Media

Hopefully you get to step away from your desk for a much-deserved little break this holiday season and spend some time with family and friends. However, just because it is the holiday season doesn’t mean that your business and the business world stops. In fact, quite the opposite – the holidays are the busiest time […]

How Boostability Anticipates & Reports on the Penguin 3.0 Update

Published on December 6, 2014

Google Penguin 3.0

Hey there Boosters! It has been almost two months since Penguin 3.0 started rolling out, and it seems like a great time to review this historic update and provide a summary of what has occurred. Review of the Penguin Algorithm Update: First, let’s quickly review what the Penguin Algorithm Update is designed to do. Penguin […]

How to Set Up an Effective Social Media Strategy This Holiday Season

Published on December 3, 2014

Santa Thumbs Up

The reality of Christmas sales creeping earlier and earlier each year can be intimidating. And each year, the standards of holiday social media just get higher. If you’re stressed about creating a social media campaign that will engage your customers and maximize your sales without sounding pushy or cheesy, this blog is for you. We’ll […]

How SEO & Customer Service Go Hand-in-Hand

Published on December 1, 2014

Colton Miller

Customer Importance When it comes to SEO, we know that improving a company’s online presence is a long-term investment. It isn’t always easy to have patience with a campaign, especially in competitive markets. Tweet This That is why it is essential we understand customer importance and its relationship to the SEO process. Keeping a customer […]

Websites, Websites Everywhere, but No One Can Find Yours

Published on November 26, 2014

Maintain Online Presence

Whatever your official title, you have to fulfill countless roles when you’re a business owner. Administrator, project manager, salesperson, bookkeeper, human resource representative—you perform all these parts on a daily basis. They are essential to your business success, but one of your most important roles can get overlooked when you aren’t sure how to accomplish […]

Great Googly Gratitude – 3 Reasons Why We’re Grateful for Google This Year

Published on November 24, 2014

Boostability is Grateful for Google

Take some time to reflect on all the things you’re grateful for as Thanksgiving is approaching. How great it is that we have a holiday where the focus is gratitude (and dietary over-indulgence and football)? We’ve been thinking about all the things we’re grateful for over here at Boostability and in the online marketing world […]